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Welcome to Prima Express, your gateway to a better future! We are here to provide you with the most reliable and efficient services in money transfers and remittances in Asia.

Prima Express Limited-introducing you to a new and secured way of remitting your funds


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Prima Express Limited was incorporated in March 2002, in Hong Kong . Since our humble beginnings in Hong Kong in 2002 ,as a remittance company, we have since been appointed as delivery Agents for Local Hong Kong remit companies and from other countries around the region such as Singapore , Malaysa , Brunei and Saudi Arabia . With our vast network of established Agents, we are able to transfer and deliver funds effectively for your clients, friends and business associates in a reliable, secure and fastest way possible, either to your designated bank account or door to door delivery where possible.

Make your delivery with our reliable remittance services all over Asia....and we are adding more cities on our list!

We have just appointed new agents in Macau. click here to view the nearest agents in your city.

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